Worried About Making Change? You Need A Roadmap

Making large organisational change can be daunting. It may be easy for your management team to see the value in change but do you know whether staff will embrace your initiatives and help enact change?

We’ve been driving & guiding change in the NHS and the wider Global Healthcare industry for 20+ years. To help other trusts, we’ve taken that experience and distilled it down into short, easy to understand sections.

In these pages we hope you’ll find useful techniques & advice for how to make change in a way that keeps staff onside, makes strong financial sense and avoids the pitfalls and setbacks that can threaten positive change.


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Learn How To Motivate & Include Staff

Many of the challenges of change come when managers fail to get staff to "buy in" to their change implementation. In our ebook we offer a roadmap to change that looks to create a shared vision for change by involving staff early in the process.


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Insights From Experienced Change Managers

Author & leading project manager Simon Shanks offers his insights on what real organisations get wrong & right when enacting change.




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