Winscribe Text highlighted in Microsoft case study for delivering key productivity and cost savings to French Cancer Centre Oscar Lambret .

On February 11, Microsoft Healthcare released a case study discussing French Centre Oscar Lambret (COL) and their implementation of Winscribe Text, a speech-enabled medical reporting solution.

“With Winscribe Text based on Microsoft Speech, we’ve reduced report creation and distribution time from 21 days to 3 days. This reduces patient anxiety and speeds the start of treatment.” Didier Cauchois, Chief Information Officer, Centre Oscar Lambret 


The case study was conducted over a six-month period, and the findings showed a dramatic change in the turnaround time of cancer patient documentation. COL slashed report creation time from 21 days to just 3 days, with the help of Winscribe and Microsoft technology. 

“Our doctors are much more productive and our workflow more transparent with Winscribe Text [based on Microsoft Speech technology]. When the solution is fully deployed, our doctors could save an hour or more a day, which they can use to extend time with patients or see more patients.” Didier Cauchois 


Winscribe’s strong partnership with Microsoft, and the ability to deliver a robust medical reporting solution across multiple platforms, departments and specialties is mentioned alongside Microsoft technology as being key to the success of the project.

Some highlights from the project so far include:

  • Improved patient care and treatment 

  • End-to-end document workflow management tailored to the needs of healthcare organizations 

  • Improved doctor productivity and new mobile working options

  • More than 40,000 documents produced using Winscribe Text 

  • Speech Recognition incorporated into document creation. 

  • Full HL7 interfaces EMR integration 


Read more & see the full case study from Microsoft here 

See an earlier release from Winscribe on COL here

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