Major Vendor Collaboration looks set to assist law firms with enhanced client satisfaction at the same time as enhancing profitability, agility and working capital.

Winscribe and Document Direct form a new partnership to help UK legal firms optimise their document production cycle and improve profitability.

The delivery of services within the UK Legal market requires continuous improvements to keep up with increasing client expectations, advances in technology, and the need to reduce annual delivery costs. On the other spectrum, firms are looking to improve their fee earner utilisation and increase working capacity. This, coupled with an uncertain economic environment, changes in regulation and ever-increasing competition mean that firms need to look at all areas to improve their client service and profitability.

Document production optimisation presents a very clear method of devising innovative ways of working, reducing costs, enhancing performance and improving a trustworthy reputation amongst your client base.

To meet ever increasing client and performance expectations, legal professionals need to be able to create documentation and share that information quickly and effectively. The future of their law firm is dependent on their ability to adapt, and be flexible and scalable.

Winscribe and Document Direct have independently worked closely with many law firms to identify ways of improving resource utilisation, i.e. increasing the number of chargeable fee earner hours and decreasing the number of hours spent on tasks that do not translate to chargeable hours. Now, through their new joint partnership they can help firms embrace better working practices whilst reducing the cost of service delivery, and offer a fully integrated, low cost service in the field of digital dictation, workflow and typing and transcription.

What is key and in fact unique, is that they can also measure these benefits with objective statistics. The Winscribe and Document Direct business consultants will work extensively with law firm clients to define their business objectives, and then they build the component elements of the solution which will best suit each individual department within each individual client. From this detailed analysis the consultants will then baseline and track key elements which they and the client agree are the metrics required to determine success. They then implement the integrated solution against these key metrics to ensure they are best placed to deliver on the planned results.

Winscribe and Document Direct base their reputation on the proof of their performance. While the latest technology and software features are important their ability to get their clients to be more efficient and cost effective is the one thing that will set this partnership and integrated solution apart.

Martyn Best, CEO, Document Direct

“This is a truly exciting development for all law firms. By engaging with us and Winscribe they can make immediate gains in profitability and client satisfaction, as well as improving the whole experience for their own fee earners and staff.

“Winscribe’s leading edge digital voice technologies and workflows are now combined with our extensive and experienced typing and document production expertise to help law firms become better law firms.

“We are also able to integrate with any DMS and CMS service and this can help further improve our clients’ performance.”

Vladimir Teodosiev, Head of UK Legal and Professional Sales

“Our newly formed partnership is yet another example of our collaborative approach formed in the name of promoting efficiency gains. These gains that ultimately result in healthier PPE are manifested through document production optimisation achieved through the deployment of the latest technology and vast experience”.


About Document Direct:

Document Direct is the UK’s premier outsourced typing and document production service for the legal and professional services sectors.

This position is confirmed by them being the only outsourced transcription service which is endorsed and recognised by the Law Society of England & Wales.

They are also endorsed by the Manchester Law Society, and compliance is further supported by their accreditation to both ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and IS22301 (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery).

They take pride in their document accuracy, which is virtually 100% error free in every document. They turn around work within the hour, and offer 24/7 support at one consistent agreed rate from a fully UK based data jurisdiction. More than this, they work with their clients to design a process that really works for them and that makes the change to an outsourced services an easy and positive experience as well as a sound business choice.

Their additional services also include document creation and amends, and PowerPoint skills.

About Winscribe:

Professionals using Winscribe software spend less time on administration and more time where they should be, with clients. Over 350,000 users around the world have used our suite of digital dictation, speech recognition and document management solutions.

Winscribe’s product range makes documentation much faster and more cost-effective. Fee-earners can use their voice to easily create documents, enter data and send information.

Thanks to leading edge technology, legal providers using Winscribe software are able to focus their efforts where they can be of most benefit, leaving the bulk of administration in the hands of intelligent software.

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