Patton State Hospital saves over 50% and removes document backlogs with Winscribe Text

Winscribe announces that Patton State Hospital (PSH) has implemented Winscribe Text to improve their clinical documentation processes.  With Winscribe Text, PSH has saved thousands and reduced document bottlenecks.

Patton State Hospital (PSH) is a major forensic mental hospital operated by the California Department of State Hospitals. Prior to using Winscribe’s dictation and clinical documentation solutions, Patton State Hospital was utilizing tape-based dictation and a legacy hardwired telephone dictation system to manage their organization’s dictation and transcription processes. 

Over the years, PSH’s dictation service declined, and their legacy system became problematic and expensive to maintain and upgrade. These issues were further compounded by state budget reductions, which forced them to seek out a new cost-effective solution. That’s when PSH began researching alternative solutions and learned about dictation and documentation workflow provider, Winscribe.

PSH reached out to Winscribe and was introduced to Winscribe Certified Partner, Zephyr-TEC, whose office is located in close proximity to the State Hospital.  Winscribe and Zephyr-TEC presented PSH with Winscribe Text, a robust clinical documentation solution that supports dictation and speech recognition, as well as advanced document and workflow management processes. 

In addition to being able to transition smoothly from their existing system and minimizing workflow disruption for staff, PSH was also intrigued by the lower cost of ownership with Winscribe Text, which was less than 50% of the estimated costs to upgrade their previous system. 

“Winscribe Text is now accessed and used by our internal transcription department, social workers, psychologists, and a variety of internal medical service physicians that conduct X-rays, GI treatments, medical consultations, and other services,” described Marie Williams, Health Information Management Department Supervisor and former Transcription Supervisor at PSH.

Following a successful implementation of Winscribe Text, PSH has seen a number of benefits including: a new easy-to-use system that is accessed across multiple departments, reduced costs of ownership, and improved documentation management.

  • Ease of Use: While Winscribe Text’s user dashboard is comprehensive and provides functionality beyond what PSH’s previous system provided, it was designed to be user intuitive and easy to learn and use quickly.  Williams mentioned: “I didn’t care for our previous dictation system at all. With Winscribe, once I learned it, I loved it.  It’s really very easy to use and has helped our team become more productive.”
  • Reduced Costs: The State of California was undergoing budget reductions during the time when PSH was utilizing their previous dictation system.  This led to PSH having to cut their annual maintenance contract for their previous telephone-based system.  So when problems arose with their legacy system, the fees to fix their issues were quite large.  “Even though Winscribe Text provided more features and value for PSH, it cost less than half of the estimated upgrade and maintenance fees associated with their previous system – saving PSH thousands of dollars,” discussed Renee Griffith, Owner of Zephyr-TEC.  
  • Improved Document Workflow & Management:  With Winscribe Text, PSH was able to dramatically improve document creation, process workflow, and overall management. When physicians send work to be transcribed, PSH is able to systematize priority jobs with Winscribe Text, so transcriptionists know what work is required sooner.  In addition, the team at PSH were able to streamline document creation through the use of predefined document templates within their Winscribe system, as well as improved workflow capabilities that assist in reducing bottlenecks in report completion. 

“With Winscribe, the backlog of jobs needing transcription has dramatically reduced, as compared to our previous dictation system.  Also, this takes into account that we had more transcriptionists on staff at the time we used the old system.  With Winscribe, I have never seen a backlog of jobs requiring transcription,” commented Williams.

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About Patton State Hospital:

The Department of State Hospitals - Patton is a major forensic mental hospital operated by the California Department of State Hospitals. The hospital was first opened in August 1, 1893, and in 1927 it was renamed Patton State Hospital after a member of the first Board of Managers, Harry Patton of Santa Barbara. Patton State Hospital has a licensed bed capacity of 1287 for patients who have been committed by the judicial system for treatment. Currently the hospital is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of HealthCare Organizations (JCAHO).  

About Zephyr-TEC:

Zephyr-TEC Corp., founded in 1993, is focused on providing its healthcare clients with best-of-class dictation and transcription workflow, document management, HIS application integration and speech recognition solutions that work together to reduce costs and improve overall productivity. Our experience, consulting and professional services are based on more than 20 years of real world deployments of these technologies. At Zephyr-TEC, we innovate enterprise-wide, custom, and world class workflow solutions. Let Zephyr-TEC help you "harness the power of speech" today!  

About Winscribe:

Winscribe is a world leading provider of speech productivity technology supporting business requirements for digital dictation, transcription, speech recognition, speech-enabled documentation, and workflow management. Founded in 1995, Winscribe has offices in the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland, with more than 100 sales partners in over 25 countries supporting more than 350,000 users worldwide.

The Winscribe solution is built on Microsoft architecture, to ensure easy integration and maintenance. Winscribe also supports a wide range of manufacturer-independent dictation devices and is scalable from small, single office locations up to large multinational corporations. Winscribe is fully customizable to meet the needs of a number of significant vertical markets including Legal, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Transcription, Insurance and Government Sectors.

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