User feedback key to improvement - Winscribe Dictation for iPhone app can now attach photos & location data, set ‘required by’ time & date

Feedback provided by Winscribe’s global community of professionals via the Winscribe feedback forum ( has been the driving force behind the latest round of improvements to Winscribe’s highly popular iOS™ dictation workflow application for iPhone™, iPod™ and iPad™.

Auckland, New Zealand, 8th of June 2012

Following a major upgrade and user interface enhancement less than six months ago, further improvements have just been announced to Winscribe’s mobility offering, with an upgraded Winscribe Dictation iOS app available from iTunes today.

Winscribe's Digital Dictation for iPhone app streamlines and simplifies the dictation process and speeds up work turnaround with full recording capabilities, secure voice and data transmission, speech recognition integration and online/offline functionality.

Version 1.1.6 features new functionality for all Winscribe iPhone and iPad users, including the ability to attach pictures and geo-location data to dictations.

In addition, a ‘required by date/time’ field has been added to allow authors to specify transcription turnaround times or task completion due dates, complementing Winscribe’s advanced workflow and job routing technology. This idea was put forward by the community of Winscribe users via the Winscribe feedback forum. Other users thought it was a great idea and voted for the feature to be implemented. Winscribe saw the potential and developed it!

Of course the application still allows the authors to effortlessly create dictations with a single tap on their device’s touchscreen. Client or patient data can be scanned in via the built in barcode scanner and can be used to accelerate workflow automation, such as automatically populating document templates with patient/client demographics from the scanned barcode. As with all Winscribe mobility solutions, speech recognition technology can help to further automate and speed up the transcription process.

Upgrade your Winscribe app today, or download a free trial version from the iTunes store (requires a Winscribe dictation solution and mobility license to send dictations) to make use of the great new features brought forward by the Winscribe community!

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