Android or iPhone? Either Way, We’ve Got it Covered.

Winscribe announces the release of Winscribe MD for both Android and iOS (Apple) devices, making the choice wider for the mobile clinician.

Auckland, the 6th of December 2012

WinscribeMDAndroid.gifDue to popular demand, Winscribe’s leading dictation workflow application for healthcare professionals - Winscribe MD - is now available for both Android and iOS devices.

This is great news for the growing number of clinicians around the world who are using mobile devices to deliver positive healthcare outcomes for their patients. Supported by their hospitals, which are investing in the build-out of their wireless networks, doctors are able to use their own or hospital-issued smartphones and tablets to deliver better quality healthcare and improved patient safety while reducing costs.

By installing Winscribe MD, physicians are able to use their voice to complete patient examination reports and other documentation requirements while on the move, and since the system is integrated with the hospital’s Patient Administration System via HL7, the need for re-keying information is eliminated. This not only drastically improves productivity of the hospital’s document creation process, but reduces the risk of mistaken identity and ensures the accuracy of electronic patient/medical records.

Another benefit to the system is that clinicians are able to view a live feed of their appointments from the hospitals PAS enabling them to start a recording against a patient record with a single tap. As turnaround targets for important documents such as discharge summaries, pathology and oncology reports are achieved more consistently, patients benefit with faster access to treatment by specialists which rely on access to these documents.

Winscribe’s CEO Matthew Weavers says of the latest development; “We have been listening to and working with a large number of NHS Trusts in the UK and are heavily involved in enabling hospitals in the United States, Australia and many other countries to embrace mobile productivity solutions. Our ultimate goal is to help them deliver better clinical outcomes and, very importantly; reducing costs to healthcare providers and tax payers.”

“Clinicians can have access to all the benefits of our integrated mobile dictation solution, regardless of the operating system on their mobile device and without any compromise to quality. What is more, Winscribe integrates with existing hospital IT infrastructures, negating the need to rip out old systems and starting over again. Globally, implementing Winscribe is proving to be a real win-win for healthcare providers.”

Winscribe provides a free trial of the application from the Google Play store (simply search for “Winscribe MD” from your Android device).

While you can give the app a test run, please note that it requires Winscribe’s dictation enterprise software to connect to your hospital’s patient administration system and to send dictations to a transcriptionist.

About Winscribe

Winscribe integrates software, systems, process and people, so they work together to meet your business goals. Founded in 1995, Winscribe is recognised for providing robust dictation workflow, clinical correspondence and business process management solutions.

Winscribe has offices in the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland as well as a sales partner network of over 100, in 25 countries, supporting more than 350,000 users worldwide.

Worldwide, over 900 healthcare providers use Winscribe solutions to streamline their clinical document production process from spoken word to completed document.

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