Working on the move – is it really that hard?

Working on the move – is it really that hard?

Author -  Daniel Levitt

The world has changed so much over the past 20 years. Technology is advancing at exponential rates. Organisations simply don’t have the budgets. You won’t be blamed for growing tired of hearing the phrases aforementioned on a weekly, if not daily basis. 

It is true that technology has, and continues to change the world we live in. But when is it time to stop being just one of the herd in this culture of adverts and marketing, and actually start using this new technology to your own benefit? 

With their ever increasing tightening of budgets, the healthcare and legal industries are perhaps the most difficult to save time and money on the move. With both, time almost always equals money. 

For decades, doctors and fee earners alike have been heavily restricted in the way they work and, thus, the amount of time they can actually spend with patients and customers, respectively.

It’s surprising that a considerable portion of feedback we receive revolves around this very issue, of not being able to dictate or transcribe letters one the go, considering this specific technology has been available to use for the best part of the last decade.

It’s amazing how far smart phones have come since their inception in 2007. It’s no shock, then, that with an Android, Blackberry, iPhone or Windows device, you can indeed dictate and transcribe your letters on the move. 

It’s time to stop being one of the herd, and start taking advantage of this marvellous technology available for your disposal. 

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