Movement To The Cloud

Author -  Abbey Kupoluyi

Enabling Community Health Professionals To Work On The Move

It’s been two years since the ‘National Mobile Health Worker Project’ report from the department of health, but how mobile and efficient are our healthcare professionals when they need to be?

Mobile technology has improved exponentially since its advent, it is now inconceivable that an individual wouldn’t have a mobile phone that’s connected to the internet and maybe even a tablet. This provides a powerful tool for our healthcare professionals that are working in the community (or even visiting healthcare service providers), potentially delivering administration support and office facilities out in the field. 

Following on from our article last month "5 Reasons Why GP's Turn To The Cloud" - Here are five of the top reasons the NHS as a whole can benefit from the cloud.


Utilising mobile working effectively within the NHS has a multitude of benefits, here are my top five:


Improved productivity 

Maximise the community team’s time with their patients and lessen the time it takes for administration and paperwork. Many community workers, as well as mental health workers, do not have administration support often meaning clinical time is filled with paperwork.


Reduction in unnecessary travel 

Removing the need to travel to a central hub to complete paperwork and in turn saving travel expenses.

Protection against lost files and patient data

Whether it’s hardcopy files that are accidentally left at location (or worse; in transit), or digital files sent between devices. 

Improved efficiencies by removing duplicate data entry

In cloud systems, clinical data is uploaded at the point of care which can then be used for management reporting and can contribute directly to NHS datasets.

Secure and safe

There’s a lot of fear around security of patient information, Winscribe’s Cloud is hosted on the N3 network providing high-bandwidth, reliability, and, most importantly, high security.

Sufficient mobile and internet reception is necessary, however this can be an issue in more rural locations in the UK. However most mobile document production technology has a ‘store and send’ facility which will hold the data and release when the device connect to the internet.


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