Five Reasons Why GP's are turning to the Cloud

Five Reasons Why GP's are turning to the Cloud

Author -  Trevor Hoggard

Getting Cost Benefits & Improved Healthcare With Cloud Applications

Our health system is under constant pressure to deliver better services for less time, resources and money. This challenge underpins such agendas as ‘Paperless by 2018’, ‘Seven-day working by 2020’, and delivering another 3.8% in efficiency savings during this year. The upcoming ‘Healthcare Efficiency through Technology Expo’ has us here, at Winscribe, considering how to improve efficiency whilst saving resources and money. Our solution? The Cloud.

The cloud was highlighted by the Health Service Journal as a way that healthcare providers could reduce their costs and improve their services. Since that HSJ article here, confidence in cloud has increased, as people became more familiar with cloud based services and security increased.

Here at Winscribe, we’ve certainly noticed an increase in the amount of General Practicioner surgeries adopting cloud based solutions over the last couple of years. GP's are moving toward the cloud in greater numbers now - we thought we would share 5 reasons why.

1. Cost Savings.

IT is expensive. Hardware, software and staff aren't cheap. A cloud-hosted like the ones Winscribe offer places less need on physical servers and IT staff within the organisation; reducing maintenance costs, in-house support costs and spending on technology infrastructure (which reduces capital costs). Cloud solutions are also easy and fast to set up.


2. One Subscription, Much More Utility.

Cloud-based solutions are often subscription based which includes upgrades and annual support and maintenance costs. The subscription is per user allowing flexibility of working from different locations and improved accessibility.

3. Safety and Security. 

Winscribe Cloud Services among others was specifically designed to ensure the highest level of security, it is N3 compliant; essential in any healthcare arena.

4. Alignment with the push for Integrated Care

Though secure, the cloud is highly accessible allowing for future developments and requirements regarding integrated care and sharing


5. Cost-effectiveness.

 Other than the reduction of costs already mentioned, it provides the option to pay for new users to be added to the system as needed. In principle it’s a ‘pay as you go’ system that’s per user, which allows organisations to pay just for what they need.

At Winscribe we provide our Digital Dictation, Clinical Correspondence (Text) and Speech-to-Text products in the N3 cloud. Cloud technology offers an amazing opportunity to help GPs, and hospitals alike, with national agendas to reduce costs whilst improving efficiency. It not only provides a solution for these current initiatives but opens up opportunities for future agendas, included the renewed focus on integrated care.

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