Are You Making Change The Right Way?

Author -  Simon Shanks

Part One : Including People

People are often the biggest resistors to change in an organisation.

Staff and management contributions are the biggest factor in making successful change. Staff resist change for many reasons. They may feel like the change is not worthwhile or they may be fatigued from the sheer amount of change required of them. In the worst cases, staff resist change because they feel threatened by it.

Negative staff reactions come when communication breaks down, when people are disconnected from the decision making process or are told what is happening but not informed about the positive impacts.

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Change is a journey that must be made together, involving staff each step of the way is the key to successful change.

Many of the challenges of change happen because change makers fail to get “staff buy in”. Rather than rely on getting buy in late in a project we recommend winning the battle for motivation by involving staff at each level of decision making.

Energising your staff to enact change can be done through three key steps.


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This is an excerpt from our ebook "The Change Maker's Roadmap" available online here.


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