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Meet the team at Winscribe...

Greg Allen


Greg became CTO of Winscribe in 2004 and has taken over the role of CEO in 2014. He is a lover of fine wine and enjoys shouting from the sidelines at his son’s basketball games.... read more

Abbey Kupoluyi

Marketing Manager

Abbey joined Winscribe in June 2014, and in a short period in a short period of time has executed many creative campaigns and strengthened our brand presence.... read more

Beena Patel

Regional Accountant

Beena has worked for Winscribe Europe for a number of years. She leads the finance and administration team in the UK.... read more

Chris Rodwell

Sales Manager

Chris has a wide range of experience and heads up our UK Sales Team.... read more

Ian Gibbons

Technical Services Manager

Despite his tender age, Ian has been working with Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition technologies in the UK for over 15 years. ... read more

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