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Legal Dictation & Speech Recognition Software for Law Firms – Increase productivity by speech-enabling your firm

Winscribe has been working with law firms since 1995; designing innovative speech technology solutions to help improve productivity, reduce cost and increase their competitiveness.

Winscribe’s speech productivity solutions enable lawyers and other legal professionals to organise their time more efficiently, and to work in more flexible and productive ways.  Winscribe offers mobile, web-based and server-based digital dictation, speech recognition and legal documentation workflow management solutions that help lawyers produce documentation faster and more accurately, while protecting the security of sensitive client information.

Our Speech Technology solutions are designed to make the most out of your voice. Winscribe supports speech-enabled document creation, by either using digital dictation or advanced voice-to-text technology. Intelligent workflow options are employed to automate and streamline processes, improve staff productivity, and increase overall efficiency of your firm.

Key benefits of Digital Dictation Software for Legal Professionals:

  • Advanced workflow and intelligent automation helps to reduce organisational costs and improves attorney and support staff productivity 

  • Maximise productivity and rapidly improve document turnaround time by employing advanced speech recognition technology

  • Mobilise your workforce and leverage existing investments with flexible recording options (via smartphones, tablets, digital recorders, and/or PC microphones) 

  • Integrate with existing case and data management systems to minimise data entry and ensure streamlined processes

  • Flexible acquisition options by means of traditional (on premise) licensing or cloud-based SaaS  licensing to meet the needs of your law firm

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  • Users are very excited by the new solution and the Speech Recognition functionality from the apps, which make completing dictations and other admin tasks quicker and easier.

    Steven A. Jackson Partner, Southerns Solicitors Lancashire
  • It's crucial for us to be responsive and provide customers with their paperwork as quickly as possible - this solution lets us do this, and thereby improves client service.

    Steven A. Jackson Partner, Southerns Solicitors Lancashire
  • We are a forward thinking firm who have always tried to embrace technology in order to make our processes work better and faster, and are deploying Winscribe BPM initially to streamline our Client Matter Intake.

    Maurice Tunney Head of IT Solutions, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP
  • We introduced Winscribe mobile last year on Blackberry and trialled it first with the fee earners who needed it most. It was so successful that we have 20 Blackberry licences now and 25 typists’ licences. We have Software Assurance with Winscribe as well which means that we get software upgrades as often as they come up and we are ready to install.

    Chris Walker IT Manager, Gorvins Solicitors
  • We were able to see immediate benefits by using digital dictation. The document turnaround time of all dictated documents has been greatly reduced.

    Gregory Shields Managing Director, Forster Dean
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