Speech Technologies in Healthcare - Increase efficiencies, reduce turnaround times and achieve better patient care by speech-enabling your healthcare organisation

Winscribe Speech Technology solutions for the Healthcare sector have been designed based on the requirements of NHS trusts. With a large number of trusts and private sector healthcare clients in the UK, Winscribe works closely with our customers to continuously improve our solutions based on their needs and advancements in technology. Our solutions are designed to integrate smoothly with our clients’ existing information systems and network infrastructure, removing the headache for both IT departments and Financial Directors. Built for enterprise deployment and future-proofing, our systems are easily implemented as a complete solution or on a modular basis, and as a trust-wide or departmental implementation, proving a speedy return on investment. Some customers are quoting a £1.2m per annum saving by using Winscribe.


Winscribe Speech Technology solutions are built to improve back office productivity, increase efficiency, and eliminate the chance for error.  By integrating patient information from the hospital’s patient administration system (PAS) and patient history from a centralised document store, Winscribe has designed an end-to-end automated process that enables clinicians – whether stationary or mobile - to look up, create, send, and store patient information and clinic letters on the spot; with or without the support of a medical secretary or paper files.  

Employing speech technology such as digital dictation, speech recognition, and smart workflows, combined with flexible, mobile working drastically reduces the turnaround time for clinical correspondence. 

By reducing time spent on documentation and information discovery, and reducing wait times for patient communications and GP letters, our solutions allow more time for patient care and better results in patient experience.

With decades of experience in the healthcare market, and based on continuous feedback from clinicians, Winscribe’s Speech Technology Suite for Healthcare is designed to address the ever-growing productivity and quality needs of the UK Healthcare sector. 

Key benefits of Winscribe Speech Technology for Healthcare organisations:

  • Secure speech-enabled report and letter creation
  • Flexible integration with HIS, RIS, and Electronic Health Record systems, eliminates duplicate data entry and create seamless data flow
  • Intelligent and automated workflow capabilities that enable you to know instantly how many jobs are pending and who is working on what, while also having the ability to configure a system that can identify and remedy bottlenecks in the document production process
  • Flexible input device options (digital recorders, smartphones, tablets, and PC microphones) to leverage existing investments
  • Supports HL7 standards
  • Flexible licensing options (on premise, cloud services and volume-based pricing) to tailor the solution to the specific needs of your healthcare organisation 
  • Advanced reporting for measuring, managing and optimising staff productivity levels and employee usage
  • Ability to incorporate audio and transcription outsourcing options to adjust your organisation to varying workload scenarios

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  • During our review we mapped out the dictation and typing processes. Each letter was taking 21 steps to complete. Straight away Winscribe were able to cut this down to just six steps, eliminating all the big time wasting elements of the processes by automating them and removing the need for extensive end user involvement

    Heidi Poole Workforce Manager, University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust
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