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Winscribe Digital Dictation Software is a world-renowned workflow and speech productivity solution that enables users to dictate, manage dictations and move dictated documents through a workflow. 

Whether is is through a PC, a touch-tone telephone, a digital recorder, smartphone or tablet device, Winscribe Dictation lets users record their dictation, from wherever they are using the device that suits them best. 

The power and accuracy of the dictation system comes alongside the ability to send the dictated document immediately for transcription. Within seconds of completing the dictation, the file can be automatically delivered for transcription.

Key features of Winscribe Dictation include:

Automated and Intelligent Dictation Workflow

Winscribe Dictation is a centralised digital dictation workflow system with the technology to remove manual processes from the dictation and transcription workflow.  The workflow capabilities are able to acquire organisational intelligence and use this intelligence to make the most efficient work distribution decisions for dictations.

Mobile Speech Productivity 

Dictation is a productivity enabling technology, to assist in that, mobility and flexibility are critical focuses of the system. This provides business professionals with the freedom to capture and deliver dictation immediately by using mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Windows smartphones, BlackBerry smartphones, and Android smartphones and tablets. They also enable organisations who have already embraced mobility to deploy an advanced workflow system without incurring additional hardware costs.

Secure Audio & Data Management

It is critically important for professional organisations to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information.  The system makes use of two levels of security: file encryption and HTTPS. There is also a comprehensive set of policy rules within the system for managing password protection, retention, and re-use; account lock out; and force password change.  

Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting

Winscribe Dictation maintains a consolidated information store.  This allows managers to monitor the status of the entire dictation and transcription process in real-time.  In addition, reports can be produced assessing usage, productivity, and efficiency metrics, which can be used to identify potential bottlenecks, and to continually make improvements to the process.

Integrate Data Entry & Management Systems 

Winscribe’s applications are flexible and scalable for every client’s requirements. The products are built on Microsoft architecture and make use of SQL & Microsoft .Net technologies. With a built-in software development kit (SDK), dictation systems can be tailored to provide the maximum benefit to users.  


Winscribe Dictation – Let workflow be your time machine!

Winscribe delivers workflow technology that removes manual processes from your dictation and transcription processes, saving your organisation TIME!

The Winscribe workflow engine has the ability to acquire organisation-specific criteria, enabling it to make intelligent decisions and shape the automated steps between the workflow’s starting point and ending points. The engine can collect dictation from multiple sources, determine the most efficient and desirable route for each job, automatically route the dictation anywhere in real-time, and automatically adapt to any deviations from the standard workflow (e.g. typist availability).  

Furthermore, workflows make it possible to monitor the overall status of the entire dictation/transcription process in real-time, maintain archives, and provide valuable reporting for assessing productivity and efficiency.

What is one significant benefit of an intelligent, automated workflow?

TIME!  You get time back that would have previously been wasted manually delivering audio tapes, sending digital files, and managing data – enabling organisations to focus time and effort on more revenue-generating activities.  

Dictation + Workflow:  How does it work?

The core of the Winscribe Dictation system is the intelligent management of dictation files over a server or network of servers. Audio files are still played by a typist or secretary, but voice files are sent electronically across LANs, WANs, via telephony or over the Internet to intelligent workflow servers that identify a user’s details and automatically send his or her dictation to the most appropriate secretary, secretarial workgroups or outsourced transcription providers for completion.  Digital dictation workflow software can also be used in conjunction with third-party systems such as document, records, case, or patient management systems.


Winscribe Reporting – Collect. Track. Analyse. Report.

Winscribe Reporting provides an effective solution for businesses to collect, track, analyse, and report on their dictation and speech recognition data, staff productivity and organisational efficiency - enabling them to work smarter and leaner. 

Winscribe Reporting allows your company to create powerful reports and billing summaries, straight from within the Winscribe digital dictation workflow management system; and enables your organisation to take control of your transcription outputs. Winscribe reports can also provide an overview of how well your dictation or speech recognition system is working for your company: who is using it most efficiently, who is not, and whether your dictation and transcription processes are working effectively.  In turn, your company is able to quickly take corrective actions to address performance issues and improve employee usage. Winscribe Reporting allows you to accurately measure staff workloads, output, billing, and revenue generated through your Winscribe Dictation or Winscribe Speech Recognition system.

Benefits of Winscribe Reporting:

  • Quickly and easily manage staff performance, organisational output, and create billing reports.
  • Graphical displays provide for ease of interpreting data.
  • The Winscribe Reporting Dashboard offers the convenience of collating reports on one screen, as well as the flexibility to run reports individually with just one click.
  • Uses Microsoft SQL’s Reporting Services, which provide robust data analysis and allows customers familiar with Microsoft’s Reporting Services to generate custom reports. 
  • Ability to automatically schedule reports for consistent generation of key reports during non-peak times with minimal administrative requirements.
  • Manage staff performance to ensure efficient time management of staff resources, monitor productivity, and reduce overtime costs.

Mobility Suite

Winscribe Mobile Dictation Apps – Secure Dictation, anywhere, anytime.

Winscribe provides two specialized dictation apps for mobile dictation: Winscribe Professional and Winscribe MD. Both dictation apps are designed for use on iPhone, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry smartphones, and on the iPad and Android tablets.

  • Winscribe Professional — General use
  • Winscribe MD — For use in the Healthcare industry

Winscribe for mobile dictation uses smart phone touchscreen functionality for an intuitive user-interface and true single-handed operation. Dictation can be created and sent with minimal clicks and interaction. Wireless connectivity with the Winscribe server ensures real-time updating and immediate transmission of dictation for transcription.  

Both Winscribe dictation apps support barcode and QR code scanning, and the attachment of photos and maps to dictation. All files and data transmitted to and from the mobile devices are sent and received securely and speedily. 

Winscribe MD additionally presents the clinician with real-time appointment and patient data, where electronic medical record data is imported wirelessly from the server into Winscribe MD's patient scheduling feature.


Keeping your information secure

Winscribe software has been designed and built with security as a primary consideration. We have over 15 years proven experience in providing healthcare organisations, law firms, government bodies, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies with reliable, robust, secure digital dictation solutions.

All components of the system are compliant with international and industry security standards for encryption, password policies, privacy and confidentiality. The software is both fully compliant with United States HIPAA law and NHS clinical risk management procedures in the United Kingdom.

In addition to security, we offer a comprehensive audit trail for all documents — detailing who has created, viewed, and edited each document, the dates and times their actions were undertaken, and what changes they made.


Integration business intelligence into your dictation workflow

Winscribe software and workflow have been designed to integrate dictation with existing systems, with the aim of creating seamless workflows for all users of our solution, helping you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure.

Winscribe’s API will integrate seamlessly with any existing external databases and systems currently in use at your organisation — such as billing platforms, document management systems, RIS/PACS, HIS, and other accounting or data management systems.

As experienced healthcare integrators, we have worked with a wide variety of PAS, EPR and TIE systems, as well as integrating with a number of clinical portals to produce a variety of solutions using HL7 (Winscribe has a built-in HL7 engine), Web Services, and XML technologies.

Please contact us to discuss the specific integration requirements for your business.


Winscribe Global

Digital Dictation Systems

Across the world, Winscribe software is in use with over 350, 000 users. If you are interested in Winscribe Dictation, get in touch with our team to organise a demonstration or to discuss integrations. 

International Customers can find us at

Talk to us today and find the best digital dictation software solution for your business or organisation.


  • During our review we mapped out the dictation and typing processes. Each letter was taking 21 steps to complete. Straight away Winscribe were able to cut this down to just six steps, eliminating all the big time wasting elements of the processes by automating them and removing the need for extensive end user involvement

    Heidi Poole Workforce Manager, University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust
  • Winscribe is well recognised as providing the most advanced technology platform for speech based solutions to expedite healthcare Trusts’ speech to document workflows.

    Samantha Hedley Business Manager & Project Lead, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
  • We were able to see immediate benefits by using digital dictation. The document turnaround time of all dictated documents has been greatly reduced.

    Gregory Shields Managing Director, Forster Dean
  • Right from the start of the tender process Winscribe stood out as open, straight talking and realistic. This was backed by site visits and engagement with their sales team. To date we have been very impressed with the Winscribe project delivery team. They use innovative tools to support the project processes, and are extremely responsive and committed.

    Samantha Hedley Business Manager & Project Lead, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Users are very excited by the new solution and the Speech Recognition functionality from the apps, which make completing dictations and other admin tasks quicker and easier.

    Steven A. Jackson Partner, Southerns Solicitors Lancashire
  • We have had fantastic support. Any issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently enabling us to achieve this rapid roll out.

    Emma O’Brien IM&T project manager, Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • We introduced Winscribe mobile last year on Blackberry and trialled it first with the fee earners who needed it most. It was so successful that we have 20 Blackberry licences now and 25 typists’ licences. We have Software Assurance with Winscribe as well which means that we get software upgrades as often as they come up and we are ready to install.

    Chris Walker IT Manager, Gorvins Solicitors
  • We can now focus more resource on providing high quality health services, safe in the knowledge that the Winscribe solution is streamlining our dictation and typing environment to meet our time saving and patient service goals.

    Christopher Barbrook Outpatient Manager, Leicester Country & Rutland NHS Trust
  • It's crucial for us to be responsive and provide customers with their paperwork as quickly as possible - this solution lets us do this, and thereby improves client service.

    Steven A. Jackson Partner, Southerns Solicitors Lancashire
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