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Speech Technology enables businesses to work in more flexible and productive ways 

Today there are many pressures on businesses to operate more efficiently, address clients quickly, and do more with less.  To do so, business professionals simply must employ solutions that make them the best of the best.  Speech-enabled technology can help. 

Winscribe Speech Technology solutions enable business professionals to organise their time more efficiently and to work in more flexible and productive ways.  Winscribe offers mobile, web-based and server-based digital dictation, speech recognition and documentation workflow management solutions that help business professionals produce reports and other documentation faster and more accurately, while protecting the security of sensitive information.  

Winscribe Speech Technology solutions include:

  • Winscribe Dictation, an advanced digital dictation workflow management software solution
  • Winscribe Speech Recognition (WSR) and Quick Speech Recognition (QSR),   fast and accurate voice-to-text solutions
  • Winscribe Pro and Winscribe MD, mobile recording solutions for smartphones and tablet devices
  • Winscribe Media Player, a multimedia player that enables transcription from audio, video and DVD media
  • Advanced Telephony and Winscribe Voice Forms, interactive telephone-based dictation
  • Winscribe Importer and Exporter, import outside audio recordings into Winscribe Dictation or export Winscribe audio for use in other systems
  • Integrated and Advanced Reporting,  powerful reporting for analysing staff usage and productivity
  • Flexible acquisition options, traditional (on premise) licensing or cloud-based SaaS subscription
  • We evaluated different systems and chose to implement Winscribe's integrated digital dictation and speech recognition solution. It has been invaluable in helping us to improve reporting turnaround times and eradicate typing backlogs in spite of increasing workloads.

    Paul Williams Head BMS Cellular Pathology, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust
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