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Making the most of your investment

Maximum business efficiency is an ongoing process and the big leaps begin with a project. Whether you are planning to implement a new speech productivity or other workflow system, or to simplify and streamline current business processes you need to work with the best. You want deep domain expertise and an approach that is designed specifically for your business. With us, you are not just choosing the best software for the job; you are also accessing all the knowledge you need;

  • A well tested and proven approach to meeting your requirements 
  • Trained and experienced installation professionals available worldwide 
  • Full ongoing support 
  • Integration and customization services to fully extend your solution   

Needs analysis, preparation and deployment

Your business improvement begins with the development of an in-depth understanding of your needs and continues with a solution that delivers the outcomes you seek. Our approach provides for this to be achieved quickly and efficiently;

  • Business analysis services from trained analysts 
  • Identification and modelling of your important business processes 
  • Preparation and deployment of your software application, including project management 
  • Measurement and adjustment for maximum performance  
  • Comprehensive training to ensure your people hit the ground running 
  • Ongoing support available 24/7 

 Integration and customisation services

The tools you rely on most in your business rarely stand alone. To drive the most efficiency frequently means to share data between systems. Winscribe has a wide range of integrations already available to enable data sharing and working between your business systems. When you need more, we are ready to design and deliver to your requirements.

Please find below a list of professional services available to our customers. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Business Process Mapping 

Our business analysts help you define and refine your business processes to ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible. Process Maps and Gap Analyses are useful tools that help us define your specific needs, assess how you work now and how you can improve efficiency and increase capacity in the future.

Benefits Analysis 

Our analysts are able to use key business data to define the benefits that can be gained by applying technology to improve your individual business processes. Whether this is in the form of a baseline study for comparative purposes at the start of your project, detailed analyses to support a business case for change or regular post-project benefits reporting that help you realise ongoing benefits in day-to-day business operations - our analysts can ensure you get the most from your Winscribe solution.

Data Integration 

The efficient integration of data held in other systems is at the heart of the efficiencies we offer in our automated document creation solutions. Our analysts are skilled at taking data from a wide variety of data sources including SQL, ODBC and live data feeds and using it effectively to speed up document creation processes.

Speech Aftercare

It is important that Speech Recognition systems are kept in optimum condition so that they continue to deliver the intended benefits over time. Winscribe’s experienced analysts offer a unique aftercare service to ensure that businesses achieve ongoing benefits in the years following deployment. This includes profile and group management, training vocabulary building and performance reporting. In addition, we provide consultancy on the speech enablement of other systems, ensuring that speech technologies are utilised sustainably.


Our experienced consultants provide training on all of our speech, dictation and document creation products and integrations. Courses are offered as user training (individually or in groups), technical training, refresher training or in Train-the-Trainer format and include tailored training materials for you to take away.

Document Distribution / Storage

Since efficient access to documents is central to the successful operation of our solutions, we offer consultancy on how to import existing electronic documents into our solution most efficiently, as well as the effective storage, retrieval and distribution of documents to other systems.

Outsourced Transcription

Our unique Outsource Manager solution allows us to partner with transcription companies to provide a fully integrated workflow based around outsourced transcription. We offer consultancy on how to best deploy these solutions in your business and we can also offer preferential rates with some providers of transcription services.

Demonstrations & Consultancy

When managing change in an organisation it is important to involve staff who the changes affect most. Our consultants can work with your business to spend time with staff demonstrating our solutions and consulting with them about their requirements to ensure that any refinement of processes happens painlessly and smoothly.

  • Right from the start of the tender process Winscribe stood out as open, straight talking and realistic. This was backed by site visits and engagement with their sales team. To date we have been very impressed with the Winscribe project delivery team. They use innovative tools to support the project processes, and are extremely responsive and committed.

    Samantha Hedley Business Manager & Project Lead, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
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