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Cloud_Services_Icon.pngHundreds of UK organisations across healthcare, legal, property, financial and other services are benefiting from Winscribe’s software as a service (SaaS) model, also known as Winscribe Cloud Services.  Winscribe Cloud Services is a cloud-based hosted dictation solutions environment. This easy to access service provides organisations, both small and large, with all the benefits of the world’s number one dictation platform, as well as additional benefits of the cloud:

  • No IT infrastructure cost
  • A totally safe and secure platform available 24/7
  • Attractive pay per annum pricing model
  • Full web-based reporting performance analysis
  • Create dictations on the move using iOS, Android and Blackberry devices 

Allowing users to dictate anywhere and at any time, Winscribe Cloud Services makes it easy to keep track of all steps in the dictation process. This includes the ability to monitor workload, automate work distribution, and manage staff performance – all on the move while supporting flexible working.

Built with security as a priority, Winscribe Cloud Services was specifically designed to ensure the highest level of productivity and security for enterprise utilisation.

Winscribe Solutions via Cloud Services

  • Winscribe Speech Recognition
  • Winscribe Quick Speech Recognition
  • Winscribe Mobility Suite
  • Winscribe Digital Dictation


Setting up Winscribe Cloud Services is very simple. A call with a member of our friendly installations team can get you up and running in a matter of moments.

For more information of how Winscribe Cloud Services can help you, please contact us, see our downloadable brochures, and check out the brief video below.


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