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With the ever increasing workload of healthcare professionals and the multitude of pressures faced by NHS departments to deliver outpatient letters in a timely manner, it has become crucial to improve the way in which patient’s clinical information is processed.

The Winscribe + preScribe solution has been created to support trusts with their clinical documentation needs. This solution provides trusts with the ability to identify where help may be needed and subsequently reduce the impact of the commonly faced problems.

At both Winscribe + preScribe we understand the pressures the NHS face. Together we provide a high quality and accurate service to aid trusts with efficiency and patient care.


The Winscribe + preScribe Approach



Know your costs


In our experience many NHS departments have tried outsourcing with varying results.

Many outsource providers often charge by the ‘line’, leaving the trust to calculate what the likely cost will be for budgeting and approval purposes. Not an easy task!  

Working with you we establish a cost per letter, which we can either fix for a specific timescale or quantity of letters, meaning you will know for certain what you will be paying each month.



Prevent a rewrite


The accuracy level from some providers can be extremely variable causing departments’ extra unnecessary work. A perceived cheap service can become extremely expensive. 

As an ISO 9001 (quality) accredited company, we are highly focused on quality and boast a 98.5% minimum accuracy level, higher than the industry standard. Over 80% of our staff have a formal clinical background and are grouped into specialty teams. This combined with the utilisation of the latest pharmaceutical software, medical dictionaries and a three-tiered control process allows us to deliver on this quality promise.



Support five-year forward planning


Planning programmes run across many NHS trusts throughout the UK aim to reduce annual service delivery costs, whilst improving patient care and speeding up turnaround times.   Trusts are addressing five-year forward planning efforts by reviewing:
• Paperless Agenda
• Seven day working
• Mobile working
• Use of competition to drive down costs
• Private sector involvement
• Outsourcing  

The Winscribe and preScribe transcription solution fully supports trusts in their five-year forward planning – reducing costs, identifying backlogs, providing support during busy periods and improving overall patient flow.


Information Governance & Security



• IG Toolkit - attained
• Fully registered under the UK Data Protection
• Act 1998
• Data Protection and Compliance Policies
• Risk Mitigation Procedures
• ISO27001 (Information Security Management System) Certified


How Does It Work


Put simply, the Winscribe + preScribe solution fully integrates with your current system, allowing you complete control over your documentation process whilst supplementing transcription resource when needed.



  • During our review we mapped out the dictation and typing processes. Each letter was taking 21 steps to complete. Straight away Winscribe were able to cut this down to just six steps, eliminating all the big time wasting elements of the processes by automating them and removing the need for extensive end user involvement

    Heidi Poole Workforce Manager, University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust
  • Winscribe is well recognised as providing the most advanced technology platform for speech based solutions to expedite healthcare Trusts’ speech to document workflows.

    Samantha Hedley Business Manager & Project Lead, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
  • We were able to see immediate benefits by using digital dictation. The document turnaround time of all dictated documents has been greatly reduced.

    Gregory Shields Managing Director, Forster Dean
  • Right from the start of the tender process Winscribe stood out as open, straight talking and realistic. This was backed by site visits and engagement with their sales team. To date we have been very impressed with the Winscribe project delivery team. They use innovative tools to support the project processes, and are extremely responsive and committed.

    Samantha Hedley Business Manager & Project Lead, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Users are very excited by the new solution and the Speech Recognition functionality from the apps, which make completing dictations and other admin tasks quicker and easier.

    Steven A. Jackson Partner, Southerns Solicitors Lancashire
  • We have had fantastic support. Any issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently enabling us to achieve this rapid roll out.

    Emma O’Brien IM&T project manager, Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • We introduced Winscribe mobile last year on Blackberry and trialled it first with the fee earners who needed it most. It was so successful that we have 20 Blackberry licences now and 25 typists’ licences. We have Software Assurance with Winscribe as well which means that we get software upgrades as often as they come up and we are ready to install.

    Chris Walker IT Manager, Gorvins Solicitors
  • We can now focus more resource on providing high quality health services, safe in the knowledge that the Winscribe solution is streamlining our dictation and typing environment to meet our time saving and patient service goals.

    Christopher Barbrook Outpatient Manager, Leicester Country & Rutland NHS Trust
  • It's crucial for us to be responsive and provide customers with their paperwork as quickly as possible - this solution lets us do this, and thereby improves client service.

    Steven A. Jackson Partner, Southerns Solicitors Lancashire
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