Winscribe for Pathology Laboratories

With cost improvement programmes currently underway and transformational changes taking place throughout the NHS, pathology departments are part of the drive to increase efficiencies and turnaround times.


In the past, pathology was seen as an isolated department within a trust, running its own workflow infrastructure independently. Recent pressure has been placed on laboratories to turn around samples faster, with workloads forecasted to increase even further. 

Due to these pressures clinicians and practice managers have started to look into improving their workflow solution with the ability to prioritise patient reports for better workload management

Using Winscribe solutions pathology departments can enhance patient reporting processes and speed up document turnaround times.

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Improved Reporting, Faster Turnaround

Winscribe works with pathology labs to map their reporting and document processes, and design solutions that improve data entry, document turnaround, staff productivity and workload visibility for tracking.

Understanding pathology workflows allows us to identify areas of improvement to speed up reporting methods or document turnaround times.


Key benefits of Winscribe Solutions for Pathology

1. Improved clinician productivity - spend more time with patients and less on paperwork

2. Completely paperless, with an automatic audit trail

3. Increased efficiency and reduced costs

4. Fast, accurate reporting


Giving Pathology Labs The Tools Needed To Reduce Cost & Work More Efficiently

With cost improvement programmes (CIP) currently underway and transformational changes taking place throughout the NHS, Pathology departments need to drive costs down, manage a greater workload and improve turnaround times.
Winscribe has worked in Pathology for many years with over 40 NHS Pathology departments using a Winscribe dictation solution every day to help produce Pathology reports quickly. Many of these Trusts handle over 50,000 reports per annum through the secure and reliable Winscribe platform.

With the release in 2015 of our next generation medical reporting platform Winscribe Text, Winscribe has completely re-visited our Pathology solution, incorporating:

  • Enhanced integrations with PAS, Pathology LIMS, Tracking systems like Cerebro & specialist systems like Pathosys
  • Better interfaces to specialist recording equipment
  • Enhanced speech recognition capabilities, both inside and outside the workflow

Pathology Departments can talk to Winscribe about : 

  • Create more efficient workflow processes for reporting and record updating.
  • Support the RCP KPIs and facilitate the five stages of priority for NHS pathology departments
  • Track each report individually and identify its stage in the workflow
  • Work hands-free with the ability to focus fully on examination without having to type. (Easy-to-clean, waterproof hands-free hardware options available)
  • Enable clinicians to prioritise and fast-track reports for transcription
  • Utilise speech-to-text capabilities for faster document turnaround
  • Add additional notes or instructions for secretaries on reports
  • Setup departmental typing pools for secretaries
  • Keep an audit trail for all documents 
  • Open up possibilities for greater information and documentation sharing between other departments and different sites

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