Winscribe For Mental Health & Community Services

Mental Health and Community Trusts can improve the way they create and manage documents with Winscribe. These organisations can create a better informed patient journey that contributes to better care outcomes whilst at the same time being more efficient, connected and secure than ever before.

Winscribe Improves Critical Areas Of The Documentation Process

  • Create a more efficient workflow for outpatient home visits, service visits and community-based work.
  • Enable greater information and documentation sharing between a multidisciplinary team quickly and effectively.
  • Help professionals and practitioners to spend less time on documentation and more time seeing clients.
  • Allow practitioners (for example PWP's) to focus fully on their clients without the need for typing.
  • Encrypt and secure sensitive documents, including audit trails.
  • Get a system designed to meet the complex requirements of Mental Health and Community Services


Documentation Is Critical To Mental Health

Mental Healthcare and Community Services define care pathways to help guide caregivers in responding to the needs of patients with a variety of conditions. Keeping track of patient notes and medical records is critical to the patient’s treatment plan, and doing this effectively and efficiently means medical staff spending less time creating documents and updating records.

More than 1.7 million adults used NHS services for severe or enduring mental health problems in 2013-14. In the same year almost 1 million people were referred to for common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety disorders.

In order to provide these services NHS professionals need to be able to create documentation and share that information easily. Winscribe are dedicated to helping Mental Healthcare providers ensure that they are best supported by the technology available to them; increasing efficiency through innovation.

Winscribe Solutions That NHS Trusts Are Already Using:

Winscribe Dictation Workflow Management

With the ever increasing need for documentation and increasing demand for more efficient liaison between departments within the healthcare profession, the correct digital dictation solution is becoming more and more important. Winscribe’s system has been developed with the NHS in mind; constructing it around the requirements of the medical profession.

Winscribe understands that Trusts and other healthcare providers have specific requirements for dictation along with a need for efficient turnaround of transcripts to provide patients and healthcare professionals with fast results. Winscribe digital dictation also provides a workflow management tool which gives users the ability to manage the process.

Winscribe Text - Medical Documentation Software

Winscribe Text is an integrated medical documentation management solution for healthcare organisations that handles all steps in the documentation process – from creation to distribution, and every step in between. This next-generation system is a central platform for managing speech-driven reporting and documentation; staff productivity; document turnaround processes; and report distribution - all while helping the NHS to manage quality assurance and to meet compliance.

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  • During our review we mapped out the dictation and typing processes. Each letter was taking 21 steps to complete. Straight away Winscribe were able to cut this down to just six steps, eliminating all the big time wasting elements of the processes by automating them and removing the need for extensive end user involvement

    Heidi Poole Workforce Manager, University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust
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