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How Efficient Is Your Documentation Process?

Find out where your Trust could be more efficient and see how you compare to other Trusts in your area.

To help your Trust better uncover cost savings and efficiency gains, Winscribe are offering a free efficiency review. Our experienced staff measure your documentation workflows, turnaround times and overall efficiency without any disruption to your staff or day to day operations.

The report takes a little over 8 weeks to generate and will give you a comprehensive view of where you are overspending in time and money.

At the end of the review process, Winscibe present you with a document that outlines your current situation, the risks and opportunities that exist for your Trust and a series of action points to get you where you need to be.



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See How Your Trust Compares To Others

As part of the efficiency review process, Winscribe has developed a Clinical Correspondence Maturity Index. This model ranks NHS Trust's in terms of their adoption of processes, technologies and systems of work with respect to producing clinical documents.

The CCMI index provides a clear indicator of the comparative efficiency of an NHS Trust and identifies specific areas that need improvement. When you complete an efficiency review, you will be able to see exactly how your Trust's cost, turnaround time, workflow process and technology adoption compare to others in the NHS.


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